Dust mites are smallest animals look similar to tick appearance in oval shape cloudy clear in color with 4 pairs of legs,

approximately the size of 200-300 microns, can't see with the naked eye. The food of dust mites is skin flakes, hair flakes, dandruff and spores of food fungus. Dust mites will last approximately 1 month. Female dust mites can lay their eggs 50-90 per leaf. The body consists of water.

To 70-75 percent, dust mites like to hide in moise areas or in fibers such as mattresses, pillows and  blankets etc.

Which Thailand has hot and humid weather all year round. Which is a suitable weather for the growth of dust mites based on statistics in Thailand found that up to 50 percent and tend to increase every year with the main factor coming from the dusts of dust mites. That exhaled in the air that reacted with immunity cause allergy follow.

Allergy is a disease that cannot be cured, but can improve the symptoms of the disease. The most effective method is to eliminate dust mites. Which is the source of dust mites that are the main cause of allergies. Which has many ways of control.