Saijo Denki 4 Way Cassette

All 4-Way cassette models are equipped with indoor air quality

function  to decrease PM2.5 up to 99.9% within 2 hours. 

A four-way cassette type is a luxury air-conditioner which is designed to blend in well the
surrounding decor, while continues to operate quietly with high airflow coverage.
Using BLDC motors which provide high energy efficiency,
our four-way cassette type also includes Turbo A.P.S air purifying system,
enabling the elimination of airborne germs at the origin within the air-conditioning body.
Ozone generated by Turbo A.P.S is 3,125 times more effective in destroying pathogens than chlorine,
while proven to be safe according to the international ozone safety standard(IEC).
the ozone treatment cycle will be repeated 24 times during off-period when garms can grow
at their fastest pace due to high temoerature and relative humidity,
in order to sustain the clean environment both in the air-conditioning body and the
indoor environment for good health of customers.

These IAQ parameters can be monitored real-time to offer healthier lifestyle.
Particulate filtration in our Ultrafine air purification system can decrease particulate
matters in the air up to 0.1 micron, PM , which is 25 times smaller than PM.