High SEER Inverter


The air conditioner that can provide not only cooling capacity,

but also registered in Thailand Innovation Lists in March, 2018 in response

to Prime Minister's policy on utility expense reduction in public sector.

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Highlight Feature

Air purification system by using Turbo A.P.S, patented by Saijo Denki,

with Corona Discharge Technology to trap extra small dust

particles as little as 0.01 micron.  This air purification filter can

be washed with water to prevent microbial accumulation.

Control the air conditioner with high-quality wireless remote control.

Self Diagnosis of Error Code display on Air Conditioner.

DC Inverter Precise Control - increase energy efficiency

due to precise control of the motor.  Therefore, this concept

lowers energy waste compared to normal Inverter oepration.

Extra high energy efficiency SEER up to 24.33.

High SEER Inverter air conditioner can operate in quiet operation,

as low as 24 dB(A) for indoor unit and 44 dB(A) for outdoor unit.

The outdoor wall layer is filled with noise insulation.  Therefore,

this outdoor unit can operate as low as 44 dB(A), and 24 dB(A) for indoor unit.

7-SEG monitor can notify users for timely maintenance, in

every 1,800 hours, making it higher durability

and efficiency with proper service routine.

Heat exchanger is coated with Blue Fin technology,

reducing erosion effect from salt and other erosive

chemicals, providing higher efficiency.