ULTRAFINE Technology


Air conditioner can make more than cooling it can purify the air with ULTRAFINE Technology

Making the purified air to the health of everyone in your family.

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Highlight Feature

Reduce up to 99.9% fine and ULTRAFINE particles within 2 hours,

Tested by Japan Electrical Testing (Thailand) JET.

Control the air conditioner via Wi-Fi connection, by using Saijo Denki

application in both iOS and Android systems, though smartphone.

Super Inverter - with extra high energy efficiency SEER up to 27.48.

DC Inverter Precise Control - increase energy efficiency due to precise control of the motor.

  Therefore, this concept lowers energy waste compared to normal Inverter oepration. 

Saijo Denki ULTRAFINE can operate in super

quiet operation, both indoor and outdoor units.

The outdoor wall layer is filled with noise insulation.  Therefore, this outdoor

unit can operate as low as 44 dB(A), and 24 dB(A) for indoor unit.

Extra large heat exchanger makes the air conditioner

durable even outdoor temperature at 55 degrees Celsius.

Heat exchanger in outdoor air unit is made with copper,

instead of aluminum, making it extra durable.

Control box is specially made to prevent animal

entering the box to damage the electronics.

Control board is designed to operate in wide range of voltage

(180 V - 240 V), to operate stably in case of lightning or thunderstorm.