Turbo A.P.S


Saijo Denki Turbo A.P.S is equiped with ozone air purification

technology similar to the one using in hospital operating room,

with Turbo cooling efficiency.

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Highlight Feature

Ozone air purification technology is similar to the one in hospital

operating room to control to utilize ozone microbial killing

efficacyto improve indoor air quality and trap dust particles as

small as 0.01 micron (smaller than human hair up to 1,000 times)

with no ion release outside the air conditioner.

High efficiency Air Purifier System extracted from charcoal

with Nano Technology to reduce odor very fast.

Control the air conditioner with high-quality wireless remote control.

High energy saving with and without operation, with only 0.4 cent Thai Baht per hour.

Saijo Denki Turbo A.P.S is developed to have extra high efficiency,

with outdoor unit wall insulation to decrease noise from the

unit for quiet operation, both indoors and outdoors.

Not only air purifying, the low noise operation must be

part of happiness for family on relaxing day.

Extra large heat exchanger makes the air conditioner

durable even outdoor temperature at 55 degrees Celsius.

Heat exchanger in outdoor air unit is made with copper,

instead of aluminum, making it extra durable.

Control box is specially made to prevent animal

entering the box to damage the electronics.

Control board is designed to operate in wide range of voltage

(180 V - 240 V), to operate stably in case of lightning or thunderstorm.