Saijo Denki Duct Low Static

Saijo Denki Duct type air conditioner model has developped with a much

larger cooling space coverage and the whole body is completely sealed for less noise.

PM is considered as Group 1 carcinogenic, according to WHO.
Its origin is mostly from combustion in vehicles and other outdoor
air pollution, which can easily migrate to indoor environment and cause
harmful health effects. All Saijo Denki’s Duct models are equipped with
indoor air quality function to decrease PM up to 99.9% within 2 hours.

The smaller the airborne particles, the further they can penetrate our
respiratory system. Particulate filtration in our Ultrafine air purification
system can decrease particulate matters in the air up to 0.1 micron,
which is 25 times smaller than PM 2 .5 .